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In addition to spinal surgery, Dr. Cuéllar specializes in anti-inflammatory injections for a variety of spine and orthopaedic conditions. He is one of the founding researchers at Cytonics Corp. involved in developing novel treatments with anti-inflammatory supermolecule, alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M), currently approved for use by the FDA using APIC. This is a process that he helped develop whereby we draw some of your own blood and concentrate a powerful anti-inflammatory protein (A2M), along with other potentially helpful molecules. This solution is then injected into the painful site. Numerous scientific research studies have demonstrated it may reduce pain by blocking inflammation, and may even slow down cartilage degradation in large joints such as the knee.

Recent research published by Drs. Cuéllar, Montesano and Scuderi shows that injection of the super molecule A2M (APIC) may be beneficial for the treatment of back pain from lumbar disk degeneration. Click here for full article.

Does the use of A2M signify the end of steroid injections!? Check out Dr. Scuderi’s talk on the subject: Click here.

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