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PRIMEPRO™: Stem cell-derived regenerative therapy

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What is PRIMEPRO™ Regenerative Therapy?

With more than a decade of research by doctors and research scientists, Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) have successfully treated tens of thousands of people for hundreds of conditions. PRIMEPRO™ Regenerative Therapy has been used to help over 12,000 patients treat Chronic and Acute Conditions.

PRIMEPRO™ is a non-cellular regenerative therapeutic derived from MSC’s sourced from human umbilical cord tissue. PRIMEPRO™ has yielded both safe and effective outcomes for people affected by orthopedic and other chronic and acute conditions.

Scientific Evidence Supports how healing occurs. MSC derived therapeutics like PRIMEPRO™ can aid healing in three ways.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Effect; Whether caused by recent trauma or a long-term chronic condition inflammation occurs as a result of a variety of factors. PRIMEPRO™ has showed to dramatically reduce inflammation in the body and site of injury.
  2. Immune-Modulating Effect; MSC sourced therapeutics like PRIMEPRO™ have been shown to “reset” our immune system thereby bringing us back to a more youthful and balanced state.
  3. Tissue Repair and Regeneration; MSC derived therapeutics like PRIMEPRO™ attempt to re-activate our body’s own healing mechanisms. In doing so PRIMEPRO™ provides a catalyst which trigger our own cells to repair, restore and regenerate new cells in damage or diseased tissue.

PRIMEPRO™ Regenerative Therapy performs healing through the same mechanism found naturally in your body. By replenishing your body’s reserve of key biological factors. PRIMEPRO™ jumpstarts healing, restoration and rejuvenation of aged and damaged tissues.

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Regenerative Medicine

APIC-PRP injection for joint pain as featured on the Doctor's TV show:

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