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Dr. Cuellar is beyond exceptional and above excellence. His expertise and knowledge is awesome! Very professional and caring in the way he handled my cervical spine surgery. Dr Cuellar and his office team were respectful and exceedingly helpful. And his surgical team was truly efficient and caring about my well being throughout the time spent at the surgical center. Kudos to Team Cuellar!

Tony K.

This has been an amazing experience. The entire staff including Dr. Cuèllar has done an outstanding job of taking care of me. Very polite , pleasant and easy to deal with. Dr. Cuèllar is very very understanding and very very knowledgeable, he is truly one of a kind. I highly recommend Dr. Cuèllar and his office. Thank you very much for all you've done to me.

All the best

A. Smith

Dr. Cuellar has an easy manner, yet is very thorough in guiding you through the entire process, both pre and post-op. Everything went according to plan, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. One thing that is really comforting is that he has had 3 back surgeries himself and is willing to share his own experiences. Lastly, he does masterful incisions, which leave minimal scarring.

Miodrag C.

Dr. Cuellar is truly a miracle worker.

He is honest, professional and very knowledgeable. After replacing 3 disks in my neck the numbness, weakness and tingling in my arm were immediately gone. Now 3 weeks after surgery, I am able to play golf again and do other activities I wasn't able to before. I highly recommend him to anyone with chronic back pain in need of surgery or for a second opinion. I am truly grateful to have my normal life back.

Thank you

Alec B.

I can't speak more highly about the service I've received from Dr. Cuéllar. He is very professional and knowledgeable but he also listens to what you have to say. He recommended I have spine surgery which he performed four weeks ago and it has transformed my life ( other doctors before him said there was nothing that could be done for me ). I would definitely recommend Dr. Cuéllar.


I've been in pain for year, in and out of doctor's offices. Dr. Cuéllar was the first one to sit me down and lay out a plan with me and showed my why this plan was the best option out of all others. He made time to talk to me and all my family members. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and caring. I had quite a serious procedure, but I felt confident knowing Dr. Cuéllar was operating on me.


First of all, the office is gorgeous and everyone was prompt, polite, and on time (which is rare for doctor visits). Dr. Cuéllar had a wonderful demeanor and was extremely knowledgeable. He went over my X-rays with me and explained everything clearly. Going to see a specialist for back problems is never something to look forward to but I definitely think he made the best of my unfortunate situation.


I was made to feel comfortable and protected by Dr. Cuéllar. His demeanour and reassurance put me at great ease for my procedure. I am truly thankful!


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